International Economics Today
Global Economic Challenges Pandemic Crisis War And Sustainability Issue
ASIAN Economic and Business Development Volume 5, No 1, October 2022 (Special Edition)

Today’s international economy is full of uncertainty and challenges. The year 2020 is a time full of challenges for the world economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupts the world economy. Currently, in 2022, the world is struggling in post-covid 19 economic recoveries. The international economy has also been shocked by the Russo-Ukrainian war that is increasingly being felt in the global economy. Today’s economy is very challenging, from pandemics, crises, wars, and environmental problems to the challenges the world must face. This chapter book is in the form of thematic research related to Global Economic Challenges, Pandemics, Crises, War, and Sustainability Issues focusing on the Asian continent.

Editor In Chief : Dr. Zainuri, M.Si (Indonesia)

Copy editor :  Dr. Anifatul Hanim, M.Si (Indonesia), Suryaning Bawono.S.E.M.Si (Indonesia)

Guest editor : Lina Damayanti, SE. MM.(Indonesia), Muhamad Mukhlis, SE. MM (Indonesia)

Table Of Contents

The Effects Energy Consumption, Export, GDP, and Import on Indonesia’s Emission of CO2 

Pages: 1-16

Oky Lestari

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022001

The Impact Of Monetary Policy On Indonesian Bank Loans

Pages: 17-26

Zakina Rulinda Hijjas, Rini Agustiya

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022002

Impact Of Export Quantity, Oil Production And Tax Revenue On GDP Growth In Russia

Pages: 27 – 38

Muhammad Khairun Ikhsan, Mochammad Cholil

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022003

Analysis of Factors Affecting Economic Growth in Indonesia

Pages: 39-51

Eka Erina Putri, Mukarromatul Azizatun Naimah

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022004

Effects of International Trade on Global Food Security and Energy Use

Pages: 52-62

Dwi Nur Farida, Miftahul Jannah

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022005

The Influence Of Technology And Government Policies On China’s Supply Chain Activities 

Pages: 63-72

Fitri Rimadhanti Nur Amalia, Nur Isnaini

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022006

The Effect Of The Financial Crisis On Export Competitiveness In Indonesia

Pages: 73-81

Shanti Fitria

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022007

Testing Hecksher Ohlin Theory: Evidence From Singapore In 1991-2016

Pages: 82-96

Firlana Annisa’ Fajrin, Wahyu Dwi Nur Hidayatullah

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022008

Import Tariffs to Reduce the Use and Consumption of Fossil Energy in Indonesia

Pages: 97-106

Mauvirah Dwi Sholeha

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022009

Assesing The Relationship Between Oil Rent, Energy Consumption, And Government Expenditure In Indonesia

Pages: 107-120

Muhammad Rama Ma’rufin, Muhammad Ikrom Alfareza

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022010

Will the US-China Trade War’s Abnormal Returns From China Have an Effect on the Chinese Economy?

Pages: 121-129

Anggun Astri Anggraini, Devi Lidia

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022011

Impact Of International Trade On Indonesia’s Consume Of Renewable Energy

Pages: 130-139

Nur Lailatul Amaliyah, Arifatul Inayah, Wempi Aprilla Maulanasyah Para Wibangga

DOI : 10.54204/AEBD/Vol5No1October2022012