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ASIA Economic and Business Development is a periodical publication that contains studies and research related to economics, business, and management in various countries in ASIA. Published regularly and internationally in more than 100 countries on 5 continents (ASIA, EUROPE, AMERICA, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA).

All articles or journals that have been accepted for publication require publication approval from the author. Asian Economics and Business can meet the requests of groups of writers from academics and or practitioners for chapter books by publishing special editions if needed. We open opportunities for collaborative publishing flexibly as long as it does not injure publishing ethics and generally accepted research principles.

ASIAN Economic and Business Development, never asks writers for an amount of money to publish an article or journal for any reason. Because ASIAN Economic and Business Development, never charges author publication fees or it can be said that the publication fee in ASIAN Economic and Business Development is free of charge.

Author Guidelines / Instructions for Authors

Authors can submit articles or journals in the form of analysis or review of social phenomena from the branch of social science with reliable research methods with a minimum word count of two thousand words and a maximum of ten thousand words. For reference, we are using the APA style.

We try to make it easier for writers as social science researchers so that we don’t overload writers with certain templates. The author only needs to type new roman font times 12 pt 1.5 spaces. A4 paper size. If there is an image in the article, please include the source of the image. If the image is the author’s creation or the author’s calculations, please provide an explanation below the image along with the table. For table fonts, I can use a font size of 12 pt or smaller than 12 pt and greater than 5 pt. Articles must contain Title, Abstract, Keywords, JEL Classification, Background, Literature Review, Research Methods, Results and Discussion, and Conclusions.

We only accept manuscripts of articles or journals in English that are not plagiarized and authors can include evidence of similarity to articles or journals by using the Turnitin software. The similarity should be below 20%. Articles with more than 20% similarity are automatically rejected. Articles with poor and confusing English are automatically rejected. Articles that go through the review process and need major improvements, articles can be returned to the author for repair and the author can resubmit after repair.
Authors with articles that we accept get an acknowledgment form giving us publishing permission to do the publication and everything else necessary for the publication of the accepted article. Authors can give consent by signing the acknowledgment form and sending it back to us. Coauthors or groups can appoint representatives regarding the need for forms and permissions given to us for the publication process. All articles that we publish can be downloaded online through our website, and the full version in one edition or volume of publications for sale in ebook and print form for our operational needs. We do not provide sales royalties to authors and we do not charge publishing fees to authors.

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